Ethiopian Wedding Photography | Bagi & Henock

Covering a grand Ethiopian wedding can be quite exhausting. Usually, the events will take place over several days. There will be a lot of energies throughout, and long hours of dancing. Many group shots too. But most likely it will be very rewarding! Locations, people, traditions are among the most photogenic a wedding photographer could think ok. Bagi and Henock’s wedding was filled with those moment. The bridesmaids were always super enthusiastic and happy, the bride and groom danced non-stop, the guest laughed out loud. For the couple session, we flew up North to Lalibela — one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities with churches carved into the rocks. Brilliant!

Ethiopian Wedding Photography
Ethiopian Wedding Photography
The saxo is a common instrument found during Ethiopian weddings.
An emotional bridesmaid during the religious ceremony
Blessing from the priest.
Full energy at the wedding in Addis Ababa.
Ethiopian Wedding Photography
The traditional part of the wedding; the Mesle.
Groomsmen having fun. Ethiopian Wedding Photography.

Ethiopian Wedding Photography

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