Somaliland Wedding

As a photographer, I feel very fortunate to now make a living out of my passion. I obviously would travel anywhere to cover a celebration that I think will offer great photo opportunities. So here we go, making my way to Somaliland. Many people have never heard about Somaliland nor they know where to place it on the map. Well officially, Somaliland is not recognized yet. An autonomous region of Somalia, the self-declared sovereign State took its independence in 1991. Bordering Djibouti and Ethiopia, the Republic of Somaliland is now moving forward from a troubled history. Nowadays, it is often referred as the ‘main’ example of successful democracy in all Africa. So here is to you, Iman and Abdi… Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to travel to your country and to experience it from deep inside. I wish you all the best in the years to come!

Wedding Photographer Somaliland