Over the past few years, we have been fortunate enough to work in Marrakech most popular and most luxurious wedding venues. Here is our 'A' List.

One of the most iconic hotel in Marrakech.
An enchanting wedding!

High-energy wedding in the Madina's best kept secret.

Exclusive outdoor wedding surrounded by the famous horses of the Palais Selman.

Why Marrakech is an Amazing Wedding Destination

Known for its heritage, lush gardens, and extravagant palaces, Morocco attracts more than 10 million visitors each year. It’s an ideal destination for history buffs, theology majors, art aficionados, and anyone who appreciates beauty. As a result, your married life can begin as you enjoy a leisurely stroll through the city. You will be browsing artisan goods at one of Marrakech’s many markets or feast with fresh Moroccan cuisine. It’s simple to book a professional wedding photographer in Marrakech. Certainly, Marrakech climate is ideal for the perfect wedding; because of a mild climate that makes it easy to capture timeless pictures any time of the year. The average temperature ranges from 20ºC up to 30ºC in Marrakech, with the city’s coolest temperatures occurring in December and January.

Capturing Magical Memories in Morocco

The stunning scenery of Marrakech provides a beautiful backdrop for your special love story, and a true professional wedding photographer in Marrakech will be able to use its iconic and unique landscape to accentuate every special moment on your wedding day. Embrace passionately in front of a majestic palace, or gaze into each other’s eyes as the Atlas Mountains fill the space behind you with nature’s breathtaking blessings. The rushing waterfalls of Ouzoud Falls are another must-see attraction for anyone planning a destination wedding. Your Wedding Photographer Morocco Marrakech can also capture your personal journey in addition to the celebration, providing you with photos that showcase the joy from your quality time with friends and relatives. Traveling to Morocco for a destination wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss. Finally, relive the magic of your big day each time you flip through albums filled with your wedding photography, whether you pose in the traditional riads with your spouse or opt for candid shots of the two of you exploring the city.

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