A Wedding at Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

For my first visit to Sri Lanka, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and what the journey would be like. Of course, I had in mind the highlands, the tea plantations, postcard sceneries and pristine beaches but what I discovered went far beyond the clichés. The war has been over for only a few years but people seem to have made incredible efforts to leave those darker days behind. Colombo, the State Capital, is on the rise.  As a Wedding Photographer Colombo Sri Lanka, I’ll make sure to allow plenty of time to explore further during the next trip. As a very laid back couple, there is no wonder why Dakshini and Nazeek opted for a beach wedding. It was great fun to experience the Sri Lankan culture through their special occasion. Here are a few nice words from Dakshini: “Thank you so much!!! The pictures are amazing and we are so happy with how beautiful they are. Hard to pick a favourite, there are so many….you have managed to capture the essence of some fantastic moments. Even amongst the chaos of the bridal room, you’ve taken some gorgeous (and unique) pictures!”

christophe viseux

A group of dancers as documented by wedding photographer colombo sri lanka christophe viseux

A couple session at the train station in Colombo Sri Lanka

Beach wedding by Wedding Photographer Colombo Sri Lanka.

Wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka

Bride getting ready in Sri Lanka. Buddhist wedding.

Bride and groom looking at four little singers by Wedding Photographer Colombo Sri Lanka Christophe Viseux

The traditional procession to the wedding ceremony location in Mount Lavinia Hotel.

christophe viseux

Wedding couple after the cermony in Colombo

Wedding reception in Srl Lanka at Mount Lavinia

Couple session in a Buddhist Temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Christophe Viseux | Wedding Photographer Colombo Sri Lanka