Where are you based? Where do you travel to cover weddings?
I am a destination wedding photographer based in the Middle East and Canada but I can potentially work anywhere in the world. As a former travel photographer, I have quite a flexible schedule to overlap assignments and I am going frequently to India, Morocco, Kenya, and Europe… and anywhere else your wedding ceremony may take us (as far as the South Pacific, Tahiti, Fiji, Cook..). All destination weddings are unique so please feel free to enquire within to get our wedding photography pricing.

How would you define your wedding photography style?
I like to consider myself as a wedding photojournalist even tough it is difficult to fall into one category only. So many things happen during a wedding that the photographer has to wear several hats.  Best would be to say that I have a documentary style with some fine art, more creative inputs. I am definitely more looking for the candid and spontaneous shots that will capture the true emotions. In that sense, my work qualifies as contemporary wedding photography. Posed pictures belong to the past !

Are you the best wedding photographer for our wedding?
Yes and no. Some couple are likely to enjoy more traditional wedding pictures. Others will allow me more flexibility and they will encourage my personal vision of their wedding. Intimate affaire or wild celebration, all my clients attach a strong common importance to their memories of a lifetime… Wedding photographer blog are the best way to explore all the different styles.

What is WPJA? ISPWP? Fearless?
Wedding Photojournalist Association and International Society of Wedding Photographers. All three are international wedding photographer organizations. There have annual fees and quarterly contests.

How soon should I book you for our wedding?
6-12 months prior your wedding date.

Are you working alone? Do you have an assistant?
I work with an assistant to control my light source.

How long do you stay on a wedding day?
For ‘western weddings’, I stay an average of 10 hours from the getting ready to the first dance. For weddings in India, Morocco, the Emirates, Tahiti, Kenya (and beyond…) where the wedding is usually spread over a couple days, coverage varies.

What do you mean by « Personal rights release, ownership of photographies »?
Your wedding photos belong to you and you can download them all from the web gallery. You own the photos and you are free to print, copy, display, diffuse without commercial usage.

How do you get the photographs that I see on the blog? Do you strike a relationship with the couple?
Wedding photography is such a personal thing that there is a connecting triangle to establish between the photographer, the couple and the family. I think that you receive from people what you send them in the first place. Being the same age as most of the brides and grooms creates an easy and comfortable relationship.

How long does it take you to deliver our wedding photos?
More or less 4 weeks. For destination weddings in India, Morocco, Kenya, Tahiti and anywhere else in the world, I usually set up a HD gallery with instant download.