Intimate Wedding in Croatia | Carla & Philipp

I am very pleased today to share a new wedding destination on the blog: Croatia.¬†Carla, the bride, is a friend of mine from University when I was studying abroad in the US. I haven’t seen her in almost ten years (ouch time flies!!) and I was very thrilled to attend her wedding as an opportunity to gather (and to take pictures of course). A beautiful Venezuelan bride, a Croatian groom, some Colombians friends, a Unesco Basilica…. all ingredients were mixed up for a great party and a hell of a good time! Felicidades!! So glad we managed to maintain that great connection!

Christophe Viseux: Wedding Photographer Croatia

The bride is standing next to her sister and her father who is becoming emotional. Wedding Photographer Croatia.

A candid moment in the streets of little town Porec, Croatia. Bride and bridesmaids are changing flipflops for heels. x

Bride and kid having their moment at a wedding in Porec, Croatia

The Euphrasian Basilica, a Unesco site in Porec, Croatia. Also called the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Mary.

Wedding Photojournalism. Two kids looking bored and tired after the wedding ceremony.

Creative portrait of the bride by Wedding Photographer Croatia Christophe Viseux

A spontan moment during the couple session. Guest are overlooking bride and groom kissing.

Tango as a first dance as seen by Wedding Photographer Croatia.

Entrance with style of the wedding cake.

Before throwing the bouquet, the bride waves at the single ladies.

A latino zest during the wedding reception in Porec near Pula Croatia

Wedding Photographer Croatia