Pre Wedding Photo Session in Istanbul

Earlier this year, I got lucky to spend a weekend in Istanbul with Soraya and Brice coming from Dominican Republic and France. Weather can remain uncertain in the early spring in Istanbul but we actually ended up with what could have been a (fresh) summer day. The beautiful blue sky changed everything in people’s mind. It definitely helped to set the joyful mood for the hours spent together. During the day, ground transportation can be a bit hectic in the Turkish capital. Heavy traffic slows everything down so we intentionally focused on the Bosphorus River. It offers great views, quick transfers by boat, and a close access to the landmarks. It did felt like a mini-vacations :) Thanks a million Soraya and Brice! I really wished I could have attend your wedding in Santo Domingo.

Couple session along the Bosphorus River by Wedding Photo Istanbul

Glamorous couple during their pre wedding photo istanbul by Christophe Viseux

Wedding Photo Istanbul. Couple having fun on the boat cruising towards the Black Sea.

Black and White reflection of the Kempimski Palace in Istanbul

Helicpter in the background of the couple session in Istanbul

Wedding Photo Istanbul by Christophe Viseux

Cruising along the Bosphorus River in Istanbul.

Wedding Photo Istanbul with a couple from France and Dominican Republic

Shooting in the sun creates a nice flare that gives a romantic look to the picture.

Wedding Photo Istanbul