A Backyard Wedding in Seattle, WA | Jessica & Ryan

September 28, 2011

Seattle. The Market and the Space Needle. The North Pacific and the Mountains. Starbucks Coffee and Grey’s Anatomy… At some point, we are all familiar with the city. And even if it was my first visit to the State of Washington, I had already met Jessica and Ryan in the past. It was last year when I photographed one of their friend’s wedding in South of France (Provence). I was very thrilled when they got in touch with me a few months later. The entire wedding took place at the same location. A magnificent house on top of the hill overlooking the forest with the mountains in the background. A bluegrass band was playing during the cocktail and as a banjo lover, it completely made my day!! There was a very casual atmosphere throughout the day. Jessica and Ryan are both very laid-back and it was so great to photograph in such a stress-free environment. The reception was an intimate candlelit dinner in the backyard — as perfect as “life under the stars” can be…

Bride and groom posing at twilight with the Seattle skyline behind them. Directed by Wedding Photographer Seattle

Bride walking down the aisle with her uncle. The ceremony was completely outdoor.

The bride getting ready by the window of house as seen by Wedding Photographer Seattle

The family is looking at the bride walking down the aisle. In the background we can guess the groom waiting. Documented by Wedding Photographer Seattle

the bluegrass band was playing happy tunes during the cocktail. They are based near Seattle, WA.

The groom is getting ready in a well-designed bathroom in the family house.

Black and white close-up of two hands recomforting each other.

the bride and bridesmaids having fun with the boys before the wedding ceremony.

The outdoor ceremony was overlooking the beautiful mountains in Seatlle.

Bride fooling around during the party.

Bride tearing up during the ceremony. Shot by Wedding Photographer Seattle.

The ceremony is over. People are cheering up.

Wedding Photographer Seattle