Cambodian Wedding Ceremony | Vanaline & Eric

August 22, 2010

The cambodian wedding ceremony involves a few rites to prepare the bride and groom for their new life as a married couple. There was the monks benediction, the hair cutting ceremony to wish the couple happiness, prosperity, and longevity, and the passing of blessings (candle lights). At the final stage of the prairing ceremony, family members and friends tie the bride and groom’s wrists with blessing strings… A very colorful experience on a early sunday morning! I was very happy to get a bit more familiar with the Cambodian culture. Thank you Vanaline and Eric for trusting in my work. It was a great pleasure to cover traditional rituals I haven’t seen before. And who knows… I may be lucky enough to cover a wedding in Cambodia someday. I wish you all the best for the years to come.

Close up of the pretty bride's face captured by wedding photographer cambodia

People throwing flowers to the newly wed couple as a sign of blessing. This shot was taken near Paris at the bride's home.

The groom making his entrance in style under the shade of the umbrellas. The procession shot by wedding photographer cambodia

The end of the buddhist wedding ceremony witnessed by wedding photographer cambodia

Close-up of a wedding rituals during the cambodian khmer ceremony.

The cambodain buddhist wedding ceremony with the ritual of the hair cutting

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