Wedding Photography Lagos, Nigeria | Olaitan & Babalola

After discovering Nigerian celebrations on some cultural wedding blogs, I have been hoping to get an assignment there a while. Finally, patience is power and I was super thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph quite a large event in Lagos: 1800 guests for the reception in the impressive new ballroom of the Oriental Hotel. The photography coverage started a few days prior with the bridal shower and the henna / ladies night. On the wedding day, the traditional part took place in the morning with drums, bartering, singing, and paying respects. All the women were wearing the same Aqua-color fabric making the entire room highly photogenic. On the way to the hotel from the bride’s house, there was a curfew in the early morning so we had to be escorted by the police. Seated in the back of the official pick-up, it was a surprising situation while shooting the convoy at high speed in the empty streets of Lagos. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story… Another great experience in Africa!!

Group of women dancing as captured by Christophe Viseux Wedding Photography Lagos Abuja

The wedding convoy was taking place in the curfew hours in Lagos, Nigeria

Group of women wearing traditional outfits during the wedding reception in Lagos. Christophe Viseux Photorgapher.

A candid moment of the bride and her little brother before heading to the wedding venue

Portrait of beautiful women attending the wedding in Lagos, Nigeria

Throwing the wedding bouquet to the single ladies as documented by Wedding Photography Lagos Abuja

The police escort before getting ready for action in Lagos, Nigeria

Paying respects to the parents during the traditional ceremony.

Bride getting ready in Lagos Ngeria.

Bridesmaids going back to the wedding Ballroom at Oriental Hotel Lagos

bride and groom during the traditional ceremony

The bride farewell was an emotional moment. Wedding Photography Lagos Abuja by Christophe Viseux

Wedding Photography Lagos Abuja