French Wedding in Provence, South of France | Aurélie & Ben

Aurelie and Ben are long time friends (we used to work together in advertising) and I feel so happy they finally got married. They choose the amazing venue La Chartreuse de Valbonne, an historic monument dating from the 13th century and located between the Gorges of the Ardeche and the Ceze river valley. As a photographer, shooting a friends’ wedding is both a terrific and terrifying experience… We know their personalities so well, we know their smiles, we know their fears… Our anticipation improves as we are familiar with their reactions and it’s really easy to go intimate. On the other side, the responsibility feels a bit heavier and it does take a bit of an extra effort to surprise them. Aurelie, Ben, I was so honored to be part of this!!! Your wedding day was a big success and I wish you the best for many years to come. Here is to you….

creative wedding photography

On the dancefloor

group shots of bride and her bridesmaids and the children before entering the church in Ardeche, France.

Groom tearing up when the bride walks down the aisle

Candid portrait of the groom during the ceremony

Bride and Groom kissing after the blessing

Photojournalist moment of the couple entering the venue

Throwing the bouquet during the cocktail hours

Set up of the outdoor reception

Laughing and cheering during the evening

Bride and groom first dance

On the dancefloor again. Wedding Photographer Provence

Wedding Photographer Provence