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Award-winning Wedding Photographer in Provence & Paris

Every couple dreams of a wedding that is truly unique and special. One way to guarantee such an outcome is to select vendors that share your vision and enthusiasm.  Rather than limiting possibilities to local venues, couples should consider thinking outside the box with a destination wedding in France.

Exploring Paris, the City of Love, with an Awarded Wedding Photographer

Paris is a modern metropolis, rich in history and culture.  Many are drawn to the city for its historical monuments, while others are drawn to the fashion scene and exquisite food. When couples are planning a wedding abroad, all of these elements make Paris an excellent choice. There are many venues available in Paris, which allows couples to fully customize the theme and feel of their Paris nuptials.  Choosing the best Wedding Photographer South of France Provence is crucial. You need someone familiar with the language, culture and locations. Essentially, you need a wedding photographer in Provence who has the talent, the knowledge, and the passion to capture the beauty of your unique location along with the wonderful moments of your wedding. 

Provence & the French Riviera – the Perfect Backdrop for your Wedding

France’s southern coastline borders the Mediterranean Sea. It certainly makes it the ideal luxury destination. People love the area for its idyllic views and unparalleled beaches. Couples can plan their wedding in Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Monaco for an elevated one-of-a-kind day. One specific area of Southern France is Provence. This region shares a border with Italy, and the landscapes are diverse. In addition to beaches, couples can enjoy the majestic Alps. There are also vineyards sprawled out over hills, distinctive olive groves that can only be found in the Mediterranean. And lovely lavender fields that smell as amazing as they look.

Any destination in France would make an ideal backdrop for a wedding event.  It’s important to select a wedding photographer in Provence or a photographer in Bordeaux who is just as inspired by the location as you are.  He will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. For a wedding at any destination in France, make sure the photographer has experience with landscapes and architecture. Have you searched for weddings venues in Burgundy? In conclusion, you should be confident that your photographer will capture the important moments of the wedding and the amazing feel of the destination itself.