Wedding Photo in a Famous Chateau in France | Kate & Igor

All the way from Russia, Kate and Igor eloped to their favorite spot in France: Le Château de Chambord — one of the most magnificent and distinctive castle of the country with its French Renaissance architecture. Constructed in part by King François 1er, the Château de Chambord has many highlights such as the double-helix staircase, an elaborately developed roof line, an impressive North Façade, and an enclosed game reserve. With a special authorization for shooting, it was possible to photograph Kate, Igor, and friends inside the castle. A rare opportunity for a wedding photographer!!

Bride and groom climbing the famous Double Helix Staircase designed by Leonardo da Vinci in Chateau de Chambord France. Image taken by wedding photographer france Christophe Viseux

Bride posing in front of a portrait of French King François the first in Chateau de Chambord, France. Directed by wedding photographer france

Beautiful flare coming through the windows of the magnificent Chateau de Chambord near Paris. Wedding Photographer France Chateau

The Renaissance style Chateau de Chambord in the summer sunset light. Captured by wedding photographer france

Black and white picture of the russian bride and groom exploring the little corners of the Chateau.

bride and bridemaids having a chat together in front of the Helix Stairs in chambord france

Black and white shot of the bride going trough the little door.

Wedding Photographer France Chateau