Wedding Photographer La Baule, France | Margaux & JB

Today’s wedding takes us to the Atlantic Coast with a typical french wedding. The festivities were planned on the beach of La Baule-Escoublac, a sea town about 70 kms from Nantes. Weddings in Nantes are usually taking place during the day; meaning the reception is more likely a big wedding lunch than a wedding dinner. This kind of environnement will make most photographers happy because for a while they can forget about low-light situations. Margaux and JB religious service was conducted at the Notre Dame Church followed by a reception at the beach restaurant ‘Les Iles’. The set up on the sand was a perfect excuse for the guests to dip their feet into the (cold) ocean.

Wedding Planner : Alliance par Fête

portrait of bride and groom on the beach of La baule by Wedding Photographer France

Sparklers on the wedding cake late in the evening at La Baule. Captured by Wedding Photographer France

bride and groom toasting to welcome their guests at the restaurant in La Baule, France

Bride getting ready and stressing out before going to the religious ceremony. It is probably the only time she is alone during the day.

Candid moment between the newly wed couple while the father of the groom is giving a speach. Image taken by Wedding Photographer France

The bridemaids before entering the church. The weather was pooring rain that morning.

Father and grandfather of the groom contemplating the sunset on the beach at La Baule.

Throwing the bouquet in the air. The girls are jumping like crazy to catch it.

the couple is kissing in front of the church after the wedding ceremony.

Candid portrait of the bride using the technic of the high-key.

Having a break and taking a sun bath after the wedding lunch. Wedding Photographer France La Baule

Wedding Photographer France La Baule