Wedding Photographer Bogota | Laura & Rafael

January 8, 2012

You may have already seen the pre-wedding photos of Laura and Rafael in Cartagena. Here are now the photos of D-Day in Bucaramanga. Actually, a few days before the wedding in Colombia there is a tradition called the “Serenata”. It’s a pre-wedding surprise party organized by the groom who must ‘serenade’ his bride with a personal song. The party involves lot of singing (Mariachis!!), dancing, and drinking the Aguardiente, a traditional Colombian liquor. As you can imagine, the wedding itself is another opportunity for dancing (vallanato et reggaeton), eating, drinking, and celebrating life. Colombians have the reputation to be among the happiest people in the world and there is no doubt about it. Crazy party ’til the end of the night!!! Congratulations to Laura and Rafael!! Somehow, I’ve got the feeling I’ll see you again sometime soon…

Getting crazy during the party. Colombians love dancing all night long as seen by Wedding Photographer Bogota Colombia

An ambience photo in the late evening. Dancing and drinking on the program

the sister's bride helping out for the final touch up

An humorous shot with the bride toward the end of the night by Wedding Photographer Bogota Colombia

Creative black and white portrait of the bride with the bouquet directed by Wedding Photographer Bogota Colombia

bride and the ring boy before the wedding ceremony in colombia

The newly-wed couple at the end of the ceremony in Bucaramanga near Bogota

The groom's brother making a special performance for the couple at the wedding reception

The first dance at the wedding in Colombia. Live band always makes a big difference to optimize the party.

bride getting in country club of bucaramanga, santander

greetings from the colombian sisters before the wedding ceremony

A guest of the wedding improvising a new dance.

Wedding Photographer Bogota Colombia