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Weddings in the Middle East are some of the most beautiful to cover as a wedding photographer. The arabic culture you can find in the Gulf area including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Qatar is very colorful and filled with traditions. Usually Middle Eastern weddings can have five different parties. The first one to open the week-long festivities is the the engagement party where bride and groom invite family and friends to share food, to dance, to sing, and to listen happy music.

The second stage is the signing of the marriage contract. The bride can change up to five times during more traditional events. As in the indian culture, the Hena ceremony is a women party. Temporary tatoos are drawn on feet and hands to ward off evil spirits. Belly dancing usually is an expected moment of the evening. The fourth celebration is the wedding reception after the wedding itself. It will also be a women night with beautifully decorated ballrooms including the Kosha on the stage. Another reception can be held the following day as a get together for all families and close friends. Thank you to our beautiful couple to let us share a few photos of their personal event at the Al Bustan Ritz Hotel Muscat. We wish you all the happiness in your new life as a married couple.

  • Wedding Photographer Oman Muscat


Wedding Photographer Oman Muscat