South Indian Wedding in Bangalore, India | Divya & Vasu

January 22, 2011

I met Divya, the bride and Vasu, the groom through friends referral (thanks to Sajani and Adri) and I was very happy to go back to Bangalore in Karnataka for their union. While Divya lives in Switzerland and Vasu in the US, they have decided to celebrate their wedding with relatives in India. They both belong to the Brahmin caste, which is considered the upper caste society in India (teachers, scholars, priests…). They were engaged in attaining the highest spiritual knowledge. The wedding ceremony was very interesting to look at and quite a few rituals were new to me such as the ‘Kanya Danam’ (= the giving away the bride), where the bride sits on her father’s laps and is given away as a gift to the groom. Thank you Divya and Vasu for choosing us as your personal wedding photographer.

wedding photo bangalore

The father of the bride getting ready for the Brahmin ceremony by wedding photographer bangalore india

A few wedding traditional rituals that I don't really know the meaning here.

Gifts given as a blessing during the wedding ceremony in Bangalore India

The groom is getting hot around the fire. Indian wedding rituals can be quite exhausting.

The wedding ceremony is taking place in the Hall as shot by wedding photographer bangalore india

The couple is sitting on the swing. This a tradition in south indian wedding.

The final stage of the Brahmin wedding in Bangalore India. The priest is giving a final blessing.

A sheet is hold between the bride and groom so they can't see each other.

The rings on the feet and standing on the stone.

The process of washing the feet is very important ritual in indian weddings.

Wedding Photographer Bangalore India