What I like about indian weddings is that they are always different for the photographer. Not a single event will look alike. Chhavi and Mohit live in London but some of Chhavi’s family lives in France. A few guests came from my home country and to be honest, it was a bit unusual to hear french language during some indian festivities in Delhi. Unusual but also very enjoyable. It made our ‘relationship’ grows even quicker. For the portrait session, we decided to explore the opportunities of the Humayun’s Tumb in Nizamuddin East. The Tumb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its Mughal architecture and royal mausolea inspired the construction of the nearby Taj Mahal in Agra. Very impressive and really relaxing in the early morning before the crowd of tourists. The wedding ceremony was conducted by a female priest, which is rare enough to be noticed…

Delhi Wedding Photographer