March 29, 2012

When someone mention the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the only thing I could think of was the primitive tribes that still live in the jungle (the Jarawas). I have made quite some readings about them. And I always hoped that I could someday travel to thoses remote places. You can’t imagine my excitement when Nivya and Rakesh contacted me to be their wedding photographer. A mix hindu and catholic ceremony in Port-Blair. Turquoise water, crocodile infested beaches, luxurious vegetation. The backdrop was set. The people big-hearted. What a blast!! I even managed to enjoy a few days off after the celebrations. Andaman Islands are also famous for its swimming elephant and the pristine postcard-like beaches. Definitely a dream destination and in high  contrast with the mainland (quiet, clean, and relaxing). Discovering Andaman Islands was like discovering another side of India….

We are also covering weddings in Sri Lanka.

Portrait session at the beach. Pristine water and sand patch as a backdrop by wedding photographer india.

The mendhi and the kids. Image awarded by the ISPWP in the kids category.

The bride-to-be facing her grandmas during the tumeric ceremony at the house where she grew up.

The hennae on the white dress.

Reflection during the Vidai, the always-emotional farwell ceremony by wedding photographer india

Bride and groom walking in front of turquoise water in the early morning.

Black and white portrait of the groom gently lit during the engagement ceremony in Port-Blair, Andaman Islands.

Making some indian moves by 30°C at night. Enjoying a first night of festivities.

The location for the portrait session. Many crocodiles have been displaced since the Tsunami in 2004.

Bride walking down the aisle led by mother and father and followed by her step-sister.

Documentary approach for the getting ready wedding photographer india.

Family love after the catholic service. A very intimate moment. wedding photographer india Andaman