Luxurious Indian Wedding in Nairobi | Raj & Nimeet

Kenya holds a very special place in my heart because it represents the beginning of my photographic journey almost 10 years ago. I can’t describe the happiness I felt when Nimeet, the groom, asked me to cover his wedding taking place in Nairobi.

Raj, the beautiful bride, is from the States, and Nimeet has moved back to his native country after a long stay in NYC. What an event!! What a reunion!! From the Nairobi National Museum to the secluded ranch in the Rift Valley (a dream location!!), it has been five days of intense, and unforgettable celebrations with guests from all over the world. (selecting 15 photos only for this post has been very painful; there are sooo many more…!!) Raj, Nimeet, thanks so much for having us sharing those moments with you. Enjoy your wedding photography in Kenya and we wish you all the happiness for you new life…!!

Wedding the Nairobi National Museum

Mehndi at the wedding in Kenya

Mehndi party in Kenya

Sikh bride getting ready for the wedding Kenya

Baraat groom wedding procession in Kenya

Sikh wedding ceremony Kenya

Sikh bride at the wedding ceremony in Kenya

Sikh couple at the wedding ceremony in Kenya

Sikh holy men at the wedding in Kenya

Vidai farewell after Sikh wedding in Kenya

Vidai farewell after Sikh wedding in Kenya

Wedding reception Rift Valley Kenya

Wedding portrait Sikh couple Kenya

Sikh couple Kenya

wedding photographer kenya. Wedding speech Kenya

Wedding Photographer Kenya