An Engagement Ceremony in Kigali, Rwanda

My first trip to Rwanda was full of expectations.  I had always wanted to spend time in this tiny country, which is part of the African Great Lakes region.  I have heard and read so many stories about its geographic location (Kigali, the rolling hills and the gorillas), its history (obviously the dark time of the genocide), and its people (friendly and laid back). So there I was, on my way to Rwanda for the first time to cover the wedding of Diane and Elmer, who I met through another photographer and friend, Laurent.  This traditional event in Kigali was actually the first part of the wedding.  The second part will soon take place in Kampala, Uganda, where Elmer is originally from.  I will elaborate further and display the full traditions in my next post but in the meantime, I invite you to enjoy the amazing dresses of the bride and the bridesmaids.

  • Traditional dancing at a wedding in Kigali, Rwanda

Wedding Photographer Kigali Rwanda