A Palace Wedding in Udaipur, India | Tania & Robin

Some events take their full dimension once they are over. Tania and Robin’s wedding was an example of this for personal reasons. It took me a little while before posting the following photos as they now have a stronger emotional charge. Tania and Robin are both from the neighbor State of Gujarat but Udaipur seemed by far the best background for their union. The Mendhi and Sangeet ceremonies took place at the traditional Rajasthani Chunda Palace followed by cocktails at the Zenana Mahal within the City Palace Complex. The wedding ceremony of the Indian Wedding Udaipur was finally blessed with the visit of the Maharaja of Udaipur, Arvind Singh Mewar.

Christophe Viseux Wedding Photographer in India

Band of musicians during an Indian wedding in Udaipur

During the wedding ceremony in Udaipur

Portrait of the bride at the Udaipur City Palace

The sangeet of an Indian wedding in Udaipur

The bride and her mother holding each other.

Preparing the baraat of the Indian wedding in Udaipur

During the Baraat Ceremony

Baraat ceremony in Udaipur

Couple portrait

The wedding ceremony in Udaipur

Wedding Photo Udaipur Gujarati wedding near Ahmedabad. Indian Wedding Udaipur

Wedding Photo Udaipur