Wedding Photographer Nairobi, Kenya | Angela & Willies

Even though I have already covered a few weddings in Kenya, I usually don’t spend too much time in Nairobi. For once I was very happy to stay in the city  for Angela and Willies’ festivities. Angela belongs to the Kisii tribe and Willies is a Luo. The day started in the family house where Angela was getting ready surrounded by many friends, cousins and bridemaids. The mood was stress-free and joyful. Then all the boys traditionally came to collect the bride. There was some offerings, blessings, food sharing and dancing before leaving the house to the Nairobi Central Seventh Day Adventist Church. I had never seen so many people in a Church for a wedding before… about a thousand people, probably even more… That shows how important weddings can be in Kenya!! The outdoor reception was filled with dancing, eating, and… dancing again. During the wet season in Kenya, it’s difficult to hope for a full clear day. The storm made its way in the late afternoon. Time for a break before the more intimate dinner… Thank you Angela and Willies for bringing us into your event. We really enjoyed all the dancing (and the very last proud Luo dance at night)!!! Special thanks to my long-time friend Julien F. for assisting / second shooting.

Wedding Photographer Nairobi Kenya Congo

Bride having coffee when she gets ready.

Family member greeting throught the car window at the of the ceremony by Wedding Photographer Nairobi Kenya Congo

Collecting the bride by the boys and offering a cooking pot.

The Nairobi Central 7th Day Adventist Church is fully packed and makes impression on the Wedding Photographer Nairobi Kenya Congo

Bride leaving the house in the middle of Luo dancers

Emotional moment between groom and his brother

Big storm later in the day during the wedding reception in Kenya

Wedding Photographer Nairobi Kenya Congo photographing the dancing

The bride getting ready in the family house.

the brothers having a laugh

The traditional dancers

Wedding Photography Nairobi Kenya