Party Wedding in Diani Beach, Mombasa | Priya & Vishal

Priya and Vishal came all the way from London and Gibraltar to celebrate their week-long Indian wedding. The amazing celebrations took place at the Leisure Lodge Resort Diani Beach, South Coast of Mombasa. That place is magical. It was probably the kind of wedding everyone secretly dreams about. Wild parties with friends and relatives by the pool and on the white sand beach!! Thank you Priya and Vishal for such a good time. You both had an incredible energy through the entire event. We wish you the best for your new life in Gibraltar. Movie trailer to follow very soon.

Wedding Photographer Mombasa Kenya

Having a few shots before going dancing to the cave disco at Fisherman's cove.

The bride's tumeric ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

The groom's tumeric ceremony went a little wild. He had the yellow past on his face and all over his body.

The mendhi of the bride inside the Leisure Lodge Resort in Diani, South of Mombasa, Kenya.

Close-up of the feet tatoo during the hennae party.

The traditional exchange of guirlandes during the Churra ceremony.

The bride getting emotional during one of the function.

The Chunni ceremony on the white sand beach of the Leisure Lodge Resort, Kenya.

A black and white shot of the Chunni ceremony on the beach.

Bride looking in the mirror.

Bride ready to step inside for the sikh wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom having a laugh before the portrait session on the beach.

Wedding Photographer Mombasa. The wedding reception at the conference hall of the Leisure Lodge Mombasa.

Wedding Photographer Mombasa