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Please use the form below to know more about our photography packages for destination weddings in Toronto. Our packages can be customised to include a variety of add-ons and options, ranging from on-site hair styling and makeup to videography and professional video editing.

Enjoy every precious moment on your special day, with complete packages exclusively through Christophe Viseux – one of the most talented professional wedding photographers in Toronto.

Professional Wedding Photography Packages in Toronto

As one of the top wedding photographers today, Christophe Viseux has a unique way of framing the moments as they happen, through his camera, capturing the intimacy, raw emotions, and prevailing atmosphere of the celebration. He uses his photographs to tell your very own love story, straight from the heart, but with a touch of artistry that has become well-known and recognised not only in Toronto, but around the world.

His photography is the product of different aspects of his life – his passion for capturing beautiful photos, eagerness to travel, interest in different cultures across countries, and love for visual arts. These inspirations have allowed him to create clean and timeless photographs that depict the heights of joy and happiness in weddings.

Whether it’s a small and extremely private gathering of family and friends on a rooftop in Toronto, or a grand outdoor wedding in an exclusive garden, you can be confident that no happy moment would be wasted with one of the top wedding photographers at your event.

Once-in-a-lifetime celebration

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your wedding to one of the most sought-after photographers in the industry. Get in touch with us today, and find out more about our wedding photography packages.

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