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Muscat Wedding Photo

Muscat Wedding Photo

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Getting married in Doha and looking for wedding photography in Qatar?

Year-round sun and perfect weather for weddings, attractive features of the desert in a modern country… Doha appears as a well-recommended wedding destination. As its neighbors in the region, Qatar enjoys good centigrade temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 between October and May. Avoid June to August for outdoor ceremonies because of the high rate of humidity and temperatures reaching 40°C. When traveling Doha, Qatar authorities will provide you with a 30-days visa on arrival for both tourism and business. 33 countries can benefit from it (including USA, UK, France, Singapore, South Korea, Japan). Cost is approximately US$25. Buses and taxis are available to reach the City Center, which is close to Doha International Airport. As any Islamic countries in the region, dates of the Holy Month of Ramadan should be taken into consideration. Economic and administrative life can be slow within that period of time. December 18th and 31st, January 24th and May 1st are holidays in Qatar.

Wedding Destination Doha, Qatar

Receptions and portraits are the core of wedding photography in the Middle East. Five stars hotels in Doha are usually tall and modern buildings. They can be appropriate for creative shooting. Other fabulous places can also be found around Doha for photos opportunities. The Al Sultan Beach Hotel, located on Al Khor Beach is one of the most beautiful resort in Doha. It is convenient for ceremonies on the beach or around the giant swimming pool. The Sharq Village and Spa Resort has a lot of Arabic charms and a meticulous architecture. It is well-designed for bigger receptions with a magnificient ballroom (up to 350 people). Located South of the Corniche, Sharq Hotel is another option easily accessible from the International Airport.

Passing time in Doha

Once the wedding ceremony and party are over, one should benefit from various activities in Doha. The “Gold Souk” near Al Ahmed Street is a great landmark. Famous for the diversity of man-made jewells, the Souk houses shops like “Kingdom Gems and Jewelry” and “Bijoux Noora” that deserve a visit. The cornerstone visit for Culture addicts remains the Islamic Art Museum. This masterpiece of history is built on an artificial island. A collection dating from 7th Century can be seen. People enjoying aquatic activities will be happy to find kitesurf, jetski, snorkeling available in Doha. The Aspire Zone, the Sport Centre of Doha provides with lots of activities too. If you like golf, the Doha Golf Club is convenient for all levels of players.

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