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Please provide as much notice as possible if you would like to book Christophe Viseux for your wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding in France, you can begin a consultation on dates and wedding packages by providing a small amount of information, here. Both single-day and multi-day packages are available, as are customizations for small, private weddings or grand celebrations.  

About the Photographer

It takes an artistic eye to understand how to capture the story of your love with an angle, and it takes experience to be ready for those rare, perfect moments just before they happen. Christophe Viseux’s approach to weddings is to carefully capture the most candid and heartfelt moments. His style is not aware of only the people in the wedding, but also what the setting and flow of human expression reveals about their deeply-held values.

When covering weddings, he focuses on capturing the atmosphere and flavor of the occasion as vividly as the couple. This is all the more important in cities like Paris, where the character of the old city become a part of any wedding celebration. He caters to couples who want to add a distinct, artistic touch to their photos. He is an avid traveler himself, and he expresses his passion for both photography and travel by focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities of shooting multicultural and destination weddings.

Paris Pre Wedding Photographer
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