Corporate Event Photographer in Dubai

Armed with his distinctive style of storytelling, Christophe Viseux applies his expertise in creative documentary to capture events in their real, raw form, hence immortalizing a piece of history through his photos.  At present, Christophe uses his flair for photographing people and occasions to document events in the UAE and across the GCC countries as a professional corporate photographer in Dubai. From the construction of lofty skyscrapers and red carpet events in posh hotels, to NGO and outreach projects in distant locations around the world, he tells real stories with his own brand of artistic contemporary photography.

Corporate Event Photographer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We cover all kinds of private and corporate events. Whether it’s a small awards ceremony or a prestigious gathering with famous personalities in attendance. Our experience in corporate photography includes coverage of events held in Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Monaco, Morocco, India, and Kenya.  We have also worked with the Clinton Foundation and Reach Out to Asia. Our editorial and corporate assignments have been published in well-known periodicals such as The New York Times, Le Monde, Burn Magazine, and VSD.

What our Event Photography offers you

No matter the type or size of the event, we put in all our efforts – and more – to ensure all happenings and activities throughout the occasion are preserved in photos. For a complete coverage, we can collaborate with other top media professionals, including videographers, make-up artists, and stylists.  Whether you want to cover an event to be published in a magazine, or to document it as part of raising awareness about your organization and your advocacies, we have a corporate photographer who can easily meet your requirements. In every assignment we work on, we always strive to hold ourselves to a high level of professionalism and quality.