A Mix Wedding in Marrakech, Morocco | Cynthia & Hatim

Here is Part II of Cynthia and Hatim’s wedding in Marrakech, Morocco. What an event!! It all started with the henna ceremony on the friday night. Cynthia, helped by the two negafa (the ‘official’ women in charge of the traditional outfit), was wearing a green dress, the color of Islam, to get her hands and feet painted. Surrounded by family and guests, traditional music and belly dancing, we all shared the delicious couscous in a cosy candlelit ambience. The symbolic ceremony was held the following day next to the swimming pool of the Ryad. According to the moroccan rituals, Cynthia changed five times (it can go up to seven times). The highlight of the night was when she made her entrance on the Amariya (the silver chair) and Hatim was riding the horse. Dancing was intense for quite some time before it finally calmed down a bit… to start again even stronger. As in indian events, wedding photography at nightime is tricky and more challenging but it can reveal great results!! Cynthia was the perfect model to play with and I even allowed myself with some B/W experimentations. Cynthia and Hatim, thanks so much for sharing you story and it has been such great fun to spend those few days with you.

Wedding Planner in Marraekch Morocco: Safae — Maev

bride getting ready in Morocco

under the tent at the wedding

bride at the wedding

bride with negafa

Creative black and white portrait of the bride in the night

symbolic ceremony

playing with fire during the wedding

Close up of the bride's hands during the henna ceremony.

bride on the amariya

bride and groom

first (or last) dance

dressing the table for the wedding in Marrakech Morocco. Wedding Photographer Morocco Marrakech

Wedding Photographer Morocco Marrakech

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