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Lindsay is american and Ken is originally from Ireland. They both live in London but they chose a destination wedding in France and the “Château La Durantie” in the Green Perigord to get married. Dordogne and the South West of France are quite popular among foreigners for weddings because they can find beautiful ‘Chateaux’, perfect weather and amazing food and wine. Many family members, friends and even the Minister made the journey from London, Dublin, New York…  It was easy to see the connection in this young crowd who likes to party hard. A week-end long of festivities for a real princess wedding!!

Groom splashing his nose with Champagne in front of the church in Dordogne. Captured by Wedding Photographer France Christophe Viseux

The irish groom is dancing like crazy in the middle of the dance floor at Chateau La Durantie. As seen by Wedding Photographer France Christophe Viseux

Bride and groom toasting and kissing in the wedding car, Dordogne France

The end of the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom walking out the church under the papers, Dordogne France

The boys getting ready in the smaller room of Chateau La Durantie, Dordogne, France.

Bride and groom in the flare, Chateau La Durantie, Lanouaille Dordogne France

Bride party at the wedding in the main bedroom, Dordogne, France

Bride entering the church with her Dad in the small village of Lanouaille, Dordogne.

Bride receiving hug after the wedding ceremony, Dordogne France

Bride party at the windows in Dordogne, France by a bright and sunny summer day.

Bride clapping her hands during the wedding reception, Lanouaille France. Some of the speeches went very emotional.

Sister of the bride taking care of the wedding dress in the early moments of the day. wedding photographer Dordogne

Wedding Photographer Dordogne

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