Wedding Photographer Fiji

Truth be told… Beach weddings rule!! Probably South Pacific beach weddings may even be the best ones!! Kim and Kyle’s wedding took place in Fiji, at the Nanuya Resort in the sun-kissed Yasawa islands. Nanuya Levu Island has been made famous by the 1980 american movie ‘The Blue Lagoon‘ featuring the actress Brooke Shields at a young age. Azure waters, rugged volcanic islands, abundant sunshine, and fragrant plumerias are definitely the perfect backdrop for a dream of indulgence — and a celebration with family and friends.

After five hours on the high-speed catamaran to reach the resort from the Mainland (aaahh sunburnt!!), I finally met Kim and Kyle. They both live in New Zealand but Kim is originally from Kiribati, a small Island Nation located in the Central Tropical Pacific Ocean. In conclusion, thank you so much Kim and Kyle for your kindness and your hospitality. You are both very inspiring people!!

Special thanks to my friend from NZ, Joanna

Wedding Photographer Fiji