Expats Wedding in Seoul, South Korea | Yona & Ben

Yona and Ben’s wedding is taking place in two parts. The first part of their celebration took us to South Korea, Yona’s home country. It was a thrill to discover new customs and Asian traditions that I have never witnessed before. The wedding gowns are quite impressive and colorful. The mood is Zen and peaceful. The venue was named Samcheonggak, which means the ‘pavilion of the three purities’. An old upscale Korean-style restaurant, it is located on top of the hill near the presidential house and the surrounding forest gives the tranquility one would expect. It was a fantastic experience for me as I am not yet too familiar with Far-East wedding festivities. It was also a great opportunity to discover the city of Seoul having an epic night exploration of the famous-made Gangnam District. Thanks so much Yona and Ben for the very warm welcome. Looking forward to the next episode!

Christophe Viseux is wedding photographer seoul

A night shot of Korean bride and French groom getting ready in Seoul.

the singing was part of the celebration.

Christophe Viseux Photographer

Exploring traditional locations for the couple session in Seoul.

Portrait of the Korean bride as documented by Wedding Photographer Seoul

Family Love and emotional impact during the Wedding in Korea

Wedding in Seoul, South Korea

Wedding Photographer Seoul by Frenchman Christophe Viseux

Family of the bride getting ready before the ceremony

Parents of bride and groom in Seoul, South Korea

Wedding Photographer Seoul