Ethiopian Celebration in Atlanta, GA | Limi & Samir

Last summer, I had the privilege to travel for Limi and Samir’s Ethiopian wedding in Atlanta, GA. This was the second time that I attended a Muslim Harari wedding and I was very excited about it. After my first experience in Addis Ababa a couple of months back, I had high expectations for the reception! The party certainly did not disappoint and the craziness of the dancing took us far into the night again. The day following the wedding, the traditional ceremony took place with the ritual of the hair for the newly-married bride. So vibrant and colorful! Recently back from another assignment in Ethiopia, it was great to witness once more the full energy of the Great Ethiopian Wedding.

An Ethiopian Wedding in Atlanta. Christophe Viseux is the Documentary Wedding Photographer.

During the wedding ceremony in Atlanta, where the Bride and Groom dress traditionally

Christophe Viseux

Emotional reaction at the end of the ethiopian wedding ceremony in Atlanta.

Christophe Viseux Photographer

The Imam giving a speech at the celebration in Atlanta.

Ethiopian bride getting ready.

Full power during the ethiopian wedding in Atltanta reception

Cutting the cake in Atlanta, GA

Close-up of hands during the Ethiopian Wedding in Atlanta

Candid moment during the reception in Atlanta as captured by wedding photographer Viseux

Christophe Viseux

Ethiopian Wedding in Atlanta