Wedding Photography Burj Al Arab Dubai

Dubai has probably made a name for itself due to its distinctive architecture among other reasons. The sail-shape structure of the Burj Al Arab has certainly become a famous landmark for visitors. The proclaimed seven stars world’s most luxurious hotel was the amazing location of Sana and Bart’s wedding. While both living in the US, Sana and I discovered that we have a common point: the University of Oklahoma (OU). The alumni created a connection and I was very thrilled to cover their wedding during their trip to the Emirates (Sana has mixed indian/arabic roots). Because of their relatives in the UAE, they chose to hold an intimate wedding in the upper floors of the Burj Al Arab. Thanks so much guys for trusting in our work. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it. I wish you well for the near future!

Indian Wedding in the UAE

Burj Al Arab

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Wedding Photography Burj Al Arab Dubai