Creative Wedding Photography in Marrakech | Rim & Tanguy

Rim and Tanguy’s wedding was probably one of my top assignment in Morocco this year. Being a photographer, Tanguy understands the creative process and we had a great emulation together. The feeling of total freedom was priceless during the two-days event in Marrakech, the Red City. Rim grew up in Morocco so there was a mix of traditional and ‘western’ celebrations taking place at the O’Atlas, an elegant venue in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. Weddings in Morocco are always so vibrant and full of life that they are just a blast to document. Thanks a million Rim and Tanguy for trusting in our work. That was serious fun…!!!

Bride and groom in Marrakech Morocco fooling around the camel.

A portrait session in the street of Marrakech. Riding the old Ford trucks in the city.

The boys are getting ready before the ceremony as shot by wedding photographer marrakech morocco christophe viseux.

An 'off moment' of the bride and groom kissing while the cleaner is collecting the flowers on the ground.

A black and white photography of the party. There two lines of people dancing towards each other.

Bride and groom riding a motorcycle as captured by wedding photographer marrakech morocco Chris Viseux

The bride is getting ready and wearing the traditional kaftan.

the swiss groom is wearing the traditional moroccan outfit and dancing with his wife.

Bride and groom making their special entrance on the Amarya and the camel.

Portrait of bride and groom in a automobile retail shop as seen by wedding photographer marrakech morocco.

Bride and groom posing next to a motorbike in the streets of Marrakech.

Wedding Photographer Marrakech Morocco

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