Stylish Indian Wedding in Nairobi, Kenya | Sneha & Amal

Sneha and Amal are probably the couple I have ever met the most before the actual wedding. Paris, Nairobi, an engagement session in the wild… we always made (good) excuses to see each other. No need to say that we became very good friends far before the official celebrations. As usual in indian weddings, we prepared ourselves to kick off the almost week-long marathon. The first african theme party was held at KCC in Downtown Nairobi. A few celebrations/poojas here and there. Then the Mendhi gathered all the ladies around the pool of the Tribe Hotel. There was a special appearance to entertain the guests: a cheetah!! On D-Day, Amal made his procession to the Oshwal Centre in grand style (and grand noise) followed by all his friends in the crazy party truck!! We concluded the events by the black tie reception at the Safari Park. Sneha, Amal, thank you so much to both of you for all our quality time together in Kenya. See you again very soon!!

Portrait of the indian couple during the black tie reception in Kenya. As seen by Wedding Photographer Kenya.

Reflection during the Vidaii ceremony at Oshwal Centre Nairobi.

Entering the Oshwal centre for the wedding ceremony by Wedding photographer Kenya

All the ladies are reunited to celebrate the bride's wedding in Nairobi.

Guest drinking Indian Chai at the end of the wedding ceremony

The last ceremony of the day when the bride steps into a red liquid before entering her new house.

Women watching the procession of the groom in Nairobi, Kenya

The groom making his entrance to the mandap.

Group of women resting in the shade during an outdoor ceremony.

The bride is getting ready.

The groom is putting his hat on for the baraat.

Groom arrving in grand style at the Oshwal centre in Nairobi.

Emotional moment during the religious ceremony.

The special guest: A cheetah taking the pose in front of the beautiful Tribe Hotel Nairobi. Documented by Wedding Photographer Kenya.
Wedding Photographer  Kenya Nairobi