Wedding Photographer Zanzibar | Edita & Vishal

Before going to Zanzibar, I thought it would just look like the south coast of Mombasa in Kenya. Well I was both right and wrong in some ways!! White sand beach, turquoise water, happy people… all ingredients were magically similar but I have to admit that Zanzibar has that little indescribable extra thing. It must be the island feeling!!! Zanzibar also has a strong and heavy heritage that still shape its own character. After a short journey from Nairobi, I was happy to finally meet Edita and Vishal at the Ocean Paradise Resort on the picturesque North East coast. We quickly went through the program of the beach wedding — obviously great conditions for working. We also decided to explore the winding alleyways and the ornately carved doors of Stone Town for our portrait session. Thank you Edita and Vishal for sharing your intimate beach wedding with us. That was just a blast to photograph!

Creative black and white of the beach reception by wedding photographer zanzibar

Bride and groom fooling around on bicyles on the white sand beach of Zanzibar

Silhouettes framed in the arabic style in Sand Town. Directed by wedding photographer zanzibar Christophe Viseux

Wedding photojournalism by wedding photographer zanzibar

Young girl crashing at the end of the beach wedding reception

Getting ready in the Ocean Paradise Resort.

Sundowners the day after the wedding. Bride and Groom dancing while sailing on the Indian Ocean.

Bride getting ready and reflection in the mirror.

Bride smiling during the beach wedding ceremony in Zanzibar

The end of the portrait session as the storm in coming towards us.

Exploring the narrow streets of Sand Town as seen by Wedding Photographer Zanzibar

Groom shaving alone in the bathroom and getting ready for his long-awaited day. Shared by Wedding Photographer Zanzibar.

Wedding Photographer Zanzibar


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